Friday, February 24, 2006

do we know

if ludacris dates short, chubby jews from ny?

chubbette 2

she has a boyfriend. what the fuck?! life is so unfair. I'm fat, you don't see me getting fucked. she's twice my size and has cock on tap. this is fair? my tits are way better.

anyway, he's ugly, but he has a hot belly, but he's hairy and not in a good way, not like, you know, in a hairy balls way, in a hairy-mud-fucker-hemp-loving way. he's so, I listen to the beatles. how annoying can you get. and he feels sooo, I only fuck her from behind, and that's boring.


they have a red bean bag. how queer.

this week

sucked ass so fucking hard. worst week. gaaahhd. I'm tired. hungry. I need to brush my teeth. a shower wouldn't hurt. and I think I got my period. It's trickling slowly. hate that. I just want to scream, WOULDJYA FUCKIN BLEED ALREADY!! my sister's hocking me to get a dress. get a dress. get a dress. I am so NOT IN THE MOOD.

life is ugly today!

my fat neighbor

I'm so excited because the building got another chubbette! now, we're two, we're growing in numbers. and she's fatter then me! I am beside myself with joy. I felt a welcome wagon was in order, so I left a whole pie in front of her door with a warm note that read:

dear chubbette 2,

I'm cubbette 1 because I moved in first, but I wanted to welcome you. from one whole pie eater to another!

chubbette 1

the next morning I found the pie sitting on my front door with a knife in it and a note that read:


so much for trying to be friendly! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahd


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