Sunday, May 06, 2007

keep your jesus off my penis!

rye rye over at earth observation has just posted the most fuck off fabulous, hilar squared video by eric schwartz called, keep your jesus off my penis. you have GOT TO SEE THIS. it is so smart and funny.

ps: another rye-rye post... christian??? it's a shocker!

and, on a serious note, rye-rye has posted about the afa (american family association), this is superty important. protecting freedom of speech, my ass, more like perpetuating hate crimes against gay, lesbian and transgendered men and women. article & video <- the day they kicked god out of school. seriously.

food whores unite ((update)))

our favorite almost ready to burst she's so pregnant, diva, tagged me for a food meem. I love food, so this is wayyyy up fehatty's alley. (I still owe creepy, cpunchman and sprawling ramshackle meems, which I will do today. totally looking forward boychicks).

the rules: List your top 5 favorite places to eat and tag 5 other people who live in different cities, states or countries (why isn't countries spelled cuntries?)

1: I am a mexican food whore bag. I love it hard. guacamole makes my vulva lips twitch. el cholo is the closest thing to san francisco mexican food I've had in shlock angeles. mouth watering burritos. to die for beans and veggie fajitas that would make you rise from the dead and fuck a mortician.

2: I also love koohbahn food. versailles is off the hook. their vegetarian platters should be illegal, simple. traditional. yummalish. the most succulent and savory black beans and white rice I've ever had in my life (except for my venezuelan bff's mother's black beans and rice). on occasion, I will treat myself to the plantains because ... every self respecting millennium gal should reach orgasm when she eats.

3: jack-and-jills has a veggie foccacia sandwich that is just wrong on every level. roasted red, green, yellow and orange peppers, goat cheese, avocados, grilled onions and artichoke with balsamic vin. omg.omg.omg.

4: for dessert, sweet lady jane. in los angeles, people don't really eat, especially dessert. this joint is for the serious dessert connoisseur. cupcakes. cupcakes. cupcakes, fruit tarts, cakes, pastries and pies that are so other worldly and so new york, you could spit twice and die. (ps: I am a serious cupcake lover and addict should anyone want to send me cupcakes. well, don't because I'm on the d.l.)

5: I would list thai, indian and chinese, but I broke up with chinese food a few years ago. I know, I know, how very sacrilegious of me. I broke up with thai and indian a few months ago. it's not permanent, we're just taking a break. my fifth favorite is the whole foods deli. a vegetarian can't beat it. salads, side dishes and fresh entrees for days.

6: I'm listing one more, zankou chicken. their hummus and babaganoush is AMAZING.

I'm tagging hardcore foodie bloggers...

  1. earth observation, (colorado, us) if you're a jewey boy or girl from new york, you have got to read this, ah, it will bring a tear to your eye and joy to your heart. for the non-jewey crew, other great eateries.
  2. wp (san francisco, us) you have got to read wp's food meem. it's lip smackin', tit grabbin' mmm-mmm-mmm-good.
  3. crionaberry, (los angeles, us) she lives in los angeles, which I know is a big no for this meem, but she's a native and knows all the great foodie lovin' haunts. she'll have sublime dish on the topic.
  4. amers (chicago, us) is a foodie jew, too. she'll serve up yummalish chicago lacto-ovo and vegan noshies for days.
  5. sand gets in my eyes, (saudi arabia) ex-pat dame living in saudi (great blog by the way!) I'd be very interested to learn about her favorite noshies and any cultural and customary differences when dining out.


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