Friday, September 14, 2007

Meet the Mormons

Have ya's heard about Mormons Exposed? The calender of studly Missionaries that seeks to educate the masses about just how cool and easy going Mormons really are. Anybody want to fuck a Mormon? Yeah... Me neither.

The double standards are unbearable. One of the calendar missionary muffins said that it would be ok if women participated, provided they weren't so exposed. According to him, it's ok for men to show their nipples, but not women. Ya know what, mormarooney, if you can show your tits, SO CAN I!

Check out the Mormon's Exposed Promo...

Yes, I am Jumping on the Chris Crocker Band Wagon

Thanks to our sweet Lewchers for sending me the debacle that is the Leave Britney Alone video. Had he not, I might not have discovered just how queenylicious Chris Crocker really is. I'm listening to Take Me Out as gayspiration while writing this post. I love ChrisTINE because she's just too much. It's deeper than her intoxicating plea video to Leave Britney Alone. My love affair for peenyette began when I read an MSNBC interview she did.

When asked if she was worried about her fame being fleeting, one of the things she said was, "The public doesn’t make this diva, I’m already made."

How can you not love her for that, alone. Being a former fagallah hagella, I appreciate her overbearing sense of drama and passion. I just love ha. I've thrown together a montage of her video greatness for your review and if you don't love ha hahd now, you will-- trust me.

Chris's warning to men who try to fuck and run.


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This dramatic little number is about the color of skin.
See beyond skin color.

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The Britney Videos, Take One and Take Two


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Ah, my father really does know how to dish up the rePUKEican party, doesn't he?! What's not to love.


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