Friday, September 22, 2006

dumb ass, christian republican cunt

today, while I was christian blog hopping for a change... (I know. shut the fuck up). I happened upon this doozy of a yarn and thought, what kind of a fuckin' moron is this broad?!

this is a proud christian republican dame who voted for bush!

here's the deal: en route to her bible belt state from some other freakish bible belt state, in her carry on bag, she packs a toy gun and spurs for the chuldrin. so, of course she was stopped during a security check in.

here is her story VERBATIM:

The conveyer belt on the x-ray machine stopped with my bag inside and the guy began squinting at the screen really close. He says "Hey Joe? Are spurs allowed?" (we'd bought some for the boys at Rawhide), and the guy goes "Yeah, we allow 'em" but just then I looked back at my husband and we both realized that in that same bag with the spurs was a little pink cap gun that we had bought for our daughter!

He said "We may have to destroy the weapon" I said "It's not a weapon! It's a pink cap gun with a holster and belt!"

Now, before I go further... Any sort of toy guns that are not entirely neon pink, green, orange, or yellow, are illegal to sell in my state. Out of state companies can't sell them to us and ship them here. When we find more realistic looking ones we buy as many as we can before the store get's caught. We now have a stash of about 16 six-shooters All of them are white and silver, I have never before seen a pink one which is why we bought it (at an outrageous price) for my daughter, to "smuggle" it back. So in answer to his question I squealed out "Noooooooo! It's PINK!!!" he just looked at me like I was in idiot I was afraid to tell him about our law in case he said I couldn't transport it into the state either!


happy pre-cum birthday, mullet boy

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