Saturday, December 30, 2006

is there a better way to say, happy new year?!

maybe, just maybe

he'll get impeached this year. a girl can dream...

happy birthday cuntsteinowitz blog

the bitch's blog is one-year old today. can you stand it?!

prior to having a blog, I really didn't get the whole blog thing. don't judge. don't be vile to fehatty.

last year at this time, crionaberry encouraged me to start a blog. ok, she hocked me and I'm so damn glad she did! thank you darling crionaberry.

who knew a blog would be such a laugh and a half or that I would make such festive blog friends?! BUT, I HAVE!!! it's been super festive squared. I really appreciate everyone I've had the privilege of meeting, reading and shmoozing with.

thanks for letting me be a venomous snatch on wheels. making me laugh my fat ass off. making me think. and being all around good natured, INSIGHTFUL e-stalk and blog buddies.

hugs-kisses-and blow jobs (for good measure),

george bush is gay

darlings... d-cup, another favorite blog read, has spun a fab yarn all about jorge's gayness.

wee me

crionaberry give me the url for wee mee's. it's so retarded and camp, you must run now and create a wee mee.

and now for.... fartkisaf

welcome to, friday's fears and reminder that katie is a freak.... but on saturdays.

1. I keep having the strangest dreams, that just above my diaphram (not of the bc variety), I have a giant burser that could be misconstrued as a third tit. so, what have I done, well, I'll tell you, I've FREAKED MYSELF OUT to the point of trying to find those cancer sniffing dogs to be 100% certain these are not foreshadowing dreams. so far, no luck.

2. that I will get fired. it's a running theme in my life, and was my gig of choice in 04'. who am I to break with tradition. I realize there's a new year on the horizon, and as much as I'd love to give up certain neuroses, it feels forced and cliche. + we've bonded. we're tight. why give up something so near and dear to my heart?!

ps: I just realized that #2 covered two fears. that makes this a three fear week. not bad, schwartzy. in all honesty, if I actually wrote about each fear I had in a week, we're talking three page entries. scary.

more fears next week! excited?


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