Sunday, January 14, 2007

the 10 things freak meem

"the 10 things about meemish that I really don't want to tell you but will because I'm a freak."

1. moon river is my favorite song ever written. the memories of my grandmothers humming along while baking mandel bread and knitting... so inspiring and cozy. I include it in everything I write.

2. I would rather hang out with my dog than the majority of people I've met in my life. I absolutely love spending time with him. he's funnier, smarter and more interesting. I'm a freak.

3. I have inappropriate, severe and unrelenting white coat syndrome. my fear of doctors is so intense that I am convinced it has something to do with a previous life.

4. I never lock my car and I usually leave my keys in the car. to me it's not stupid. it makes sense. what pisses me off is when someone breaks into my car and leaves the door open. OK-- here I went to all this trouble to leave the car unlocked. the least you can do is be a mensch and close the door after you've had your fun.

5. when I'm at home, regardless of the weather outside, I need to have at least one fan on. the whirring sounds is very calming to me. I can't think without it.

6. I cannot breathe when the heat is on. again, regardless of the temperature, and I always need fresh air.

7. when I was a kid, I was terrified of the weather. I'm talking unadulterated abject terror whenever storm clouds would hover. I would freak the fuck out and think a tornado was coming.

8. I hate, hate, HATE, abhor and despise cleaning my kitchen floor. no idea why. I do it, of course, but I absolutely hate it with a passion. cleaning anything else is never a problem.

9. when I get dressed, I always put my shoes on first. it's a very strange habit, I know. even after I shower, I will dry off and stand in front of a mirror in my towel or completely naked, but I must have my shoes on --weird.

10. I have to write my writing notes and inspiring quotes actually on my refrigerator with a sharpie.

I think it's safe to say that I am an epic freak. I spose it could be worse.


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