Saturday, June 10, 2006

what are we really saying?

I was going through some essays this morning and found an essay I wrote back in 2004. how scary is it that it's still so applicable two-years later.

Nowhere in the first sentence, or throughout the entire Declaration of Independence does it say that all men, “barring homosexuals” are created equal - That said if anyone was hip to homos, it was Jefferson. After all, he was bending the wife of France’s foremost artist, Richard Cosway. And in the event, one pious zealot or another chooses to wail, “Our Creator defines homosexuality as a sin.” I have this to say, with all of the perks so many religions are now offering; the competition for parishioners is fierce. Is it really wise to alienate such a diverse voting population?

The Constitution was written to insure the preservation of independence, equality and freedom for every American. Yet, Bush, who, by the way has single handedly motivated me to wax completely, is proposing we forego the institution this great country was founded upon so he can include a ban against gay marriage. Bravo, Bush, you’ve managed to steal the presidency, destroy our economy, kill and wound our soldiers, alienate the U.N., limit stem cell research, a woman’s right to choose and plummet our morale – And miraculously, all with incoherent boldness and in the name of JESUS.

If that weren’t enough, Freedom of Speech, an evident thorn in unintelligible Bush’s side warrants Federal Government intervention to castrate and exterminate those with a different voice than his own. That’s the spirit, Bushalicious. Lasso em’ in – Show em’ whose boss…

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness apply to homosexuals. Like it or not, it’s the 60’s all over again. A social uprising amongst a community of beloved, proud, tax paying Americans who are standing up and claiming what is rightfully theirs. Instead of longhaired hippies, they come in drag waving the flag! Hallelujah –

I’ve been married and divorced. I plan to do both again, several times. In fact, I aspire to have a divorce lawyer on retainer. While state marital laws differ, we can all agree that he/she who has the most money will pay. The downside, individual debt becomes community debt. From an economic standpoint, that debt has a much greater chance of being paid through marriage. Unwanted children increase their opportunity of being adopted. Granted they won’t grow up in a home as dysfunctional as the president’s, but there’s always hope.

Another Bush agenda is the preservation of family values. Let me get this straight, defending the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman safeguards family values how? While marriage rose slightly after 9/11, on the whole, 43% of new marriages end in divorce. Every 10 seconds a report against child abuse is made. 50% of all women experience some form of violence from their spouses during marriage. Single parent families’ account for 28%, traditional families at 7% and the total married people in the U.S. today is 59%. In 1970, it was 72%. With statistics like that, which exclude homosexuals, I can see why denying gay men and lesbians their basic civil and human right is of paramount importance. The idea of newlyweds purchasing homes, raising children, promoting family values and contributing to the economic growth in this country is downright blasphemous.

I can’t help but wonder what Bush would do if one of his daughters called him and exultantly bellowed, “Dad, I’m a dyke – A lesbian. I eat pussy and I’ve fallen in love with an African American, Spanish Catholic-Jewish activist named, Esperanza Williamoskowitz.”

In theory, a parent wants their children to be happy. Could Bush look his daughter in the eye and tell her she’s not entitled to the same equality that heterosexuals are? Would he willfully declare the fruit of his loins a sub-class American citizen? Cheney does, but what about Bush?

The Statue of Liberty, our symbol of freedom

“Send us your tired, hungry and oppressed masses and we shall give them refuge and hope and restore their dignity.”

Not, “Send us your heterosexual ONLY…” This nation was built on the backs of oppressed foreigners who fled to America in search of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Sad, isn’t it, gays and lesbians are touted as equal, yet remain the embodiment of oppression.

And finally, when doing something in the name of Jesus, remember, this altruistic philosopher saved a whore from being stoned to death…

So, what is it we’re really saying?


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