Monday, September 15, 2008

What PoliQ You Ask?

I asked a few heavy hitting political bloggers from all walks of life to answer some poliQ's about why they're voting for Obama/Biden, issues of concern for them, a bit about their background, etc.

One of the bloggers, a favorite of mine, actually is MonkeyMucker. As you know, he's deeply passionate about politics, especially this election and his been blogging a lot of important issues that we need to know about.

Please, please, please check out his answers to the PoliQ, they took my wig off, yo. Some of what he said regarding economics realllllly struck a chord.

After yas finish, don't forget to come back and read Lewchie's magnifique essay and vote! He's already logged one vote and I just posted it today. Daaaayyyyymmmm. Kid's good.

Sometimes I Want to Call Cindy McCain A Cunt Too

One has to wonder what McCain will call his new Vice-President choice Sarah Palin when he inevitably loses his cool with her? Surely it couldn’t be “shithead”, “asshole”, or “fucking jerk” like he has referred to his fellow congressmen. He respects and works with these men every day. They work together to shape our lives and the future of America. There is an unimagined level of camaraderie and respect between these political gentlemen and women.

No, this is just the kind of behavior real men show. Real men often call each other names that are the complete opposite of what they think. Real men jokingly refer to their friends as “fags”, “queer”, and “dickface” all the time.

This man was a POW - as he takes every opportunity to remind us. Real men make hard decisions every day. For example, McCain realized he was deeply in love with Cindy Lou Hensley and made the difficult choice to end his marriage of fourteen years. It takes a strong man to realize when something is wrong and to make it right by marrying his mistress one month after his divorce.

Heck, everyone loves this little war-victim – even the honest and unbiased press. He brings donuts to those little fuckers (see, I used a real man teasing term of endearment there). He reminds us often of the ideals of America and the moral fiber that runs deep in our souls, but people forget that he is also a man of deep humor. He just doesn’t take himself too seriously and that ease translates well into his loving relationship with his wife Cindy. Take this playful scene from the early 1992 Senate bid.

“At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain's hair and said, "You're getting a little thin up there." McCain's face reddened, and he responded, "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt." McCain's excuse was that it had been a long day. If elected president of the United States, McCain would have many long days.”

Cunt indeed! It’s this very sweet and good-natured playfulness that takes away the pressures of the world when you are partners in life. How silly and juvenile for any of the naysayers who scoff that McCain married Cindy for her money, all the beer he can drink, and a sweet GILF.

Consider this when McCain says things about Obama like "I admire and respect Senator Obama. For a young man with very little experience, he's done very well. For his very, very great lack of experience and knowledge of the issues, he's been very successful." I’m certain he shows the same respect for Miss Palin with her Alaskan governor experience of two years and now a heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the world. Cindy may be the cunt of his life, but I know that “Pussy” Palin can’t be far behind.

More about Author (JDC) John Donald Carlucci

The last in a long line of Carluccis curse by a gypsy hooker during WWII to love hot dogs while being revolted at the same time because hes eating puree eyes, snouts, butt holes, and tails.

The publisher of Astonishing Adventures Magazine and the frequent washer of windshields under local underpasses, JDC hopes that some new president will remove the Constitution from Cheney's bathroom and puts it back where it belongs.

JDC draws too and sculpts weird stuff out of baby parts (not real ones - really)..

You know what to do, beautiful babies. Vote, vote, vote. Leave your vote for JDC's esssay in comments. Voting will last for one week! JDC, thank you for this magnificent and hilarious yarn about Cindy McCunt


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