Wednesday, January 25, 2006

elliot gould

I swear this is my last canine post, cause I'm not one of those creepy dog owning chicks. Louie is just hilar...

This picture is when Louie was 4 months old. We were driving through Jersey enroute to Philly to hang with one o' my girls for the weekend. We stopped for a scoop at an ice cream joint.

A two toned Cadillac pulled up. Out saunters a couple in matching parachute sweat ensembles. Her with BIG HAIR and snappin' bubble gum. Him with a fabulous belly, the kind that makes a girl stop in her tracks and say, "yummy."

She screams, "oh my gaahd. It's Elliot Gould."

I love Elliot Gould, so I whip my head around. No sign of Elliot. She walks over to me and says, "it's Elliot Gould." I says tah her, "where?" She says, "on yah leash!"

"Oh, can we please get a picture with him? Please?!"

So, I obliged, of course and while I'm snapping the picture with Louie smiling in the center of two Joiseyites, she says, "smile big, hon, this is as close to Elliot as where evah gonna get."


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