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thinking blogger award

our beloved drug nazi was bestowed the thinking blogger award by way of mother jones. both blogs are so deserving of this award. drug nazi's blog, your pharmacist may hate you, is a painfully honest, witty, clever and scary look into drug companies, medical insurance and what it's like working for a pharmacy. for most of us being bent over and fucked by the above, this is a great read! mother jones blog, nurse ratched's place is an equally fantastic read. mother is a nurse with years and years of experience. she recently started a go ask mother column that I encourage you to utilize. she writes about what it's like being a nurse, the bureaucracy and her commitment to invoke change.

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    If you are tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think
    Optional: Display the “Thinking Blogger Award” with a link to the post that you wrote using either the gold or silver versions of the award.

I am very appreciative of drug nazi for considering me for this award. but, I seriously don't deserve it. maybe for my essays, but my posts... ah-nah. we'll just chalk it up to a momentary lapse in judgment. that said, oy was this difficult. there are so many blogs that make me think.

*I love all of these blogs equally*

passion of the dale: I love dale's blog. it's clever and funny. when he writes about his family or stories from his childhood, there is a raw honesty that is so pure, it always makes me think and reminds me to never forget where I come from. not that I would, but loving my family as much as I do, I appreciate those posts more than you know.

romius: though romius rec'd this award from drug nazi, what I wanted to say is that romius's writing reminds me of bukowski, one of my favorite writers and mentors. I so appreciate that.

big mouth indeed strikes again: I super love ames and her blog. she makes me think about the beauty of being a jew, a feminist and a funny dame, all wrapped into one person. her posts are smart, clever, engaging and hilar squared. I am grateful to her for those daily reminders.

lesbian dad: love this bloggy. lesbian dad is probably the most philosophical read online. she unknowingly makes me think about my perception, tolerance and views on life. I really appreciate that. I think it's important to ask yourself the tough questions and ld's blog does that.

politits: I love d-cup's political spin, but what I really love about her blog more than anything is the constant reminder to put yourself and your sexuality out there. to love yourself exactly as you are. and, parenting... she's so real about it. she's a great mother by her own design. she doesn't dress up the ugly or scary bits. she's hardly pc and she tells it like it is. love that.

ryback: love ry-ry's blog. he's that neighborhood guy and I fuckin love that. he makes me homesick and makes me feel at home. food, politics, life, judaism, marriage... he's really smart, funny and engaging.

crionaberry: I love, love, love the berry of criona... we're as thick as thieves. she's smart, funny and wise. but one of the things I love about her blog is how much she loves los angeles and writes about it. she reminds me not to hate it so much here and to see the good things. to appreciate the uniqueness and look beyond the silicon.

wp: love wp's blog! (online-bff-fahevah). he writes about food, writing and life in a lusty, candid way. he makes me think about all of these things. not settling, and honoring your passion, even if it feels like it's on the sidelines.

creepy: love this blog. creepy is soulful, funny and angry. he questions why he thinks the way he does. he's a good and dark jewish boy with chutzpah. he's unforgiving and unrelenting. what's not to love?!

the daily pitchfork: love this blog! these writers are so fucking butch and fearless. they spin one hell of a political yarn that is a must read. no stone is left unturned. with our current administration fucking up at every turn, they are a much needed breath of fresh air.

ribbed for your pleasure, johnny yen, cpunchman's world, tanya espanya, evil spock & ramshackle's compound: I fucking love these blogs. they are in one category because, they each represent the absurdity of life each and every day. they remind me how important it is to continue viewing the world through a skewed lens. they make me laugh every time I log on. for that I am grateful.

into the sunrise: love this dame's blog. she is the embodiment and constant reminder of the phrase, I don't give a fuck what you think of me. she truly lives her life her way. she goes to the beat of her very own drum. she's fearless, savvy, funny and very smart.

these are my choices for the thinking blogger award!

I ain't foolin, leewee has a new journal entry

titled: sabbatical.

below please find excerpts of this week's journal entry for our hedonistic coffee tawk and the howard cosell of jesus' responses.

Not only was my schedule out of whack last fall but God, in His infinite wisdom, chose to use that season of my life to do an emotional and spiritual makeover in my heart at the same time. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t coincidental. Since I’m pretty sure that brokenness was the goal, God allowed the stress to come at me from all sides to breakthrough my strength so that He could reach the most protected parts of my heart. He started a deep work that still feels like it is in the beginning stages.

so, now that j-dawg has broken his shrew, what are his intentions? what about our spiritual and emotional makeover?

Toward the end of 2006 I felt like the Lord was calling me to a Sabbatical. At first I thought it meant that I wasn’t to write a book in 2007, other than “The Busy Teacher’s Guide to Prayer

and so filled with ideas you were! not being a teacher or having any idea what a teacher needs prayer for. but, off you went to save the hearts and souls of educators everywhere. wait, aren't you a homeschool teacher? and still no idea what to write. curious, no?

we're getting into my favorite part now! First He made it clear that it was to be a full year off from writing – from May 2007 to May 2008. Then, out of the blue, (yea right!) my publisher asked me to reconsider writing the Teacher Prayer book. They wanted another title but I suggested that we shelf the idea of another book altogether until after God was finished with whatever He was up to in my life. They sensitively and graciously agreed.

so that's what you tell publishers when you have writer's block, that god is doing a new work in you. who knew that's the key to bowing out of a deadline. amazing, ain't it?

leewee and jdawg are as thick as thieves. he's always working his mojo, so why is this book different from all other books? I think someone is having a pasach moment?!?!

I am free from all book commitments! Praise the Lord.
Last fall, the Lord gave me the passage from Ephesians 3:16-21 as my focus for this sovereign work. I have personalized it for myself and say it every day this way, “According to the riches of God’s glory, I am strengthened with might through His Spirit in my inner man. Christ dwells in my heart and I am rooted and grounded in His love. I comprehend with all of the saints what is the length and width and depth and height of His love that passes knowledge. I am filled with all the fullness of God! God is doing exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can ask or think according to His power that works in me. To Him be the glory in me, the church and my family to all generations forever and ever. Amen.”

That is my goal…to know, really know and experience, the love of Christ. I want to know myself better, go places in my heart that I have been too afraid to approach up until now. I also want to know my family and friends more intimately and be able to have the love of Christ flow through me to the people I am called to serve and encourage, namely you!

got a q4-leewee... he hasn't been flowing through her to us in the past? she made it very clear in entry upon entry that she was our b-line to the big dawg himself. she makes it sound like she's been dishing up a variation on christ, not the real deal. well, this is most disconcerting, isn't it?

I still plan to journal but not as regularly and consistently. As I have time and as the Lord stirs things in my heart and life that I put down on paper (or a Word doc) I will be excited to share them with you.

love the clarity!

My goal is to be more consistent with my monthly E-letter but I can’t even guarantee that. I just promise to be true to whatever pace God is working and hopefully that will mean keeping up regular communication with you in some form or another over this next year. Who knows, God may start speaking so fast that I have more to write about than ever and my journal entries won’t slow down at all. I really don’t know. Please pray that God will complete the work He has started in me and that I will have the courage to go as deep as He desires. I have a feeling that my life and ministry won’t even look the same when this heart work is done. I am filled with holy expectation for what is ahead. I hope you will still be here waiting for me. I miss you already.

this all feels very pr-to-resurrect-one's-career. is that cunty? ps: love the pineage for her peeps so soon into her good-bye, please.


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