Sunday, March 04, 2007

lisa whelchel is bringing prayer back to school

oh, praise be the lord, lisa whelchel has a new book coming out called the busy teacher's guide to prayer.

you must read this: "Off the top of my head, not being a teacher or having any idea what a teacher needs prayer for, these are the six categories and examples of prayer focuses I’ve come up with so far."

leewee, the jeewee authority is writing a book about prayer for teachers, but has no idea what to say. let's recap, leewee the jeewee authority is writing a book about prayer for teachers and has no idea what to say.

Teacher (eg; Patience, Wisdom, Creativity…)
Students (eg; Desire to Learn, Focus, Confidence, etc…)
School (eg; School Board, Finances, Safety, etc…)
Faculty (eg; Fellow Teachers, Principal, Teacher Aids, etc…)
Department of Education (Funding, Textbooks, Laws, etc…)
Other Learning Opportunities (Homeschoolers, Private Schools, Field Trips, etc…)

funding, textbooks and laws are my favorite topics. why I can't wait to see what leepee has to say! I imagine she'll find all sorts of loopholes to interject prayer into our public school system. way to go, leewee!

and now for.... fartkisaf

fartkisaf: friday's fears and reminder that katie is a freak.... but on saturdays sundays?

1. juice went and injured his freakin' back again, which means orthoville tomorrow. he was doing so well, too. did I mention I'm completely freaked out? utterly. hate this. I'm keeping him very high and very relaxed until tomorrow at 6am. ugh.

2. tomorrow begins hell for 30-days (what a negative cunsteenowitz I'm being, geez louise). removal of iodine, sugar, sugar substitutes, soy and gluten from my diet. expect a raging snatch on wheels. though, I suspect that will be short lived because this change should make me feel fabulous. did I mention I'm a vegetarian. severely. oy.

3. one of my neighbors is having sex with a much older man. to each her own. still, when you hear "daddy" repeatedly during foreplay and fucking, it just puts a girl right off. last night I was so irritated that I had to dig up and blast barry white's secret garden. once the song began, I said, just in case you lose the mood, this should keep you going. I hear EVERYTHING, ahhhkay?!?!?!

that concludes this week's fears and reminder that I am a big giant jewfreak.

finding vey

keywords all the way from oy to vey is coming up on is far too funny not to share.
coco camel toe

Katie Schwartz
kate schwartz
national save our boobies foundation
high maintenance bitch
coco cameltoe
"katie schwartz"
"Katie Schwartz"
Tylan powder canines
anna nicole smith"daniel fathered
expose your breast
gay archie comic
fcc rules prohibit hypnosis

beth tfiloh dahan radio broadcast
Is coco submissive with Ice-T

Cruising for Jesus
pussy floss
helen cuthbert jockey
"wears nylons" russia


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