Wednesday, October 04, 2006

pussy etiquette

I was having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine today about this boy who chonched on her beav last night. sure, he got her off... eventually. but, he wasn't a student of pussy. we decided this was a common issue.

if you're gonna nosh, whether you're straight or lezzy there is such a thing as pussy etiquette.

floss, and not with her stragglin' pubes. it doesn't count.

brush your teeth, no broad wants halitosis twat! this is hot because?

groomed fingernails, don't be thinkin' about digging your dark dirty nail grime inside mine or anyone else's cunt. yeah. that's a big NO. our boxes are breeding grounds for bacteria. trust me. we don't need any external forces contibuting to an already ripe hot bed of bacteria in waiting. as for hangnails... don't even think about it. if it scratches your face. hurts when it catches on your wool sweater or makes you wince, IMAGINE what it feels like scraping against the great v-wall.

clit lickers are welcomed, but for the love of god, fly a few fingers inside the flange. and this whole, "two is plenty" thing, fuck you. there isn't one self respecting millennium whore doesn't want to feel the burn!

girls, spill! nicoleo. vocab. honey smack. freak and a whore. big mouth. that black lesbian jew. all other divas... throw us a pearl.


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