Saturday, June 17, 2006

oh, what a tangled web of sorrow...

over the past few days something tragic has been happening. something I haven't wanted to face. hoping desperately it would pass. but, it's not passing. it's a persistent and unrelenting issue that keeps rearing its ugly head. poking and prodding like bush at a woman's right to choose.

a love affair that I have been engaged in for several years seems to be coming to a catastrophic ending. I feel lost, unsure of how I'll forge onward without the comfort and closeness we shared. my heart aches and breaks. I keep telling myself, maybe it's not really happening. maybe it's just a nightmare. keep forging onward, katie, try to keep you two together. yet, try as I might, all of the answers seem to be pointing to a break-up.

endings are devestating enough, but this one, well, this one is just riddled in angst and grief. in the hopes of trying to make sense of such a painful loss, I sat shiva today and shrouded my mirrors thinking only of the good times we shared. the love we felt for each other and how heart wrenching it is to say good-bye to such a loyal companion.

so, here is my final good-bye... to cheese. all cheese. sharp cheddar, jack, parmesean, and other italian blends, mozzarella, soft goat, cream cheese, veggie cream cheese too, brie, and of course the undiscovered cheeses. I don't even want to think about the incredible journey we might've had together.

it's time. lately the smell of cheese is nauseating and I'm not even knocked up. the taste, still divine perfection, but the smell is killing me.

good-bye dear, dear friend. thanks for the good times. I will miss you every single day. you were loved and revered by me and will always claim a space in my metaphorical heart (not arteries).

love always,


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