Friday, May 23, 2008

Before and After

Though I had Graves' disease and didn't know it, this is what I looked like the day before my eyelids swelled almost three years ago. Since misdiagnoses, multiple medications and going from super hyper/borderline thyrotoxicosis to severely hypothyroid and now here we are today, 14 points away from having a normal thyroid, this is what I look like

My metabolism and all the medications I took caused me to gain a tremendous amount of weight and changed my physical appearance dramatically. Thanks to proper treatment and being so close to a normal thyroid, I've lost 15 1/2 pounds so far. My eyelids have not changed, nor has my vision, not yet anyway, but they will. I haven't given them an option NOT TO. 

About Last Night

Thank you everyone for your incredible e-couragement and support. You are such honies and so very appreciated. I will be e-stalking yas next week to thank you.

Last night, Amy kicked off the festival with the Fabulous Fixx Reading series and it was a blast! I met my faberific, lovely and funny publisher, James @ So New. I met many great writers and Angela Gant, playwright and a true chick with moxie.  Also, super twitters Sawyer and TheFem Geek, co-founders of The UnScene Chicago -- They are as adorable and lovely and talented as can be.

I don't know if yas know this, but it was also the first time I met Amy Guth in person. We instantaneously bonded. As if there would've been another option?! Please...  The child is fan-fucking-tastic. I adored her before.  In person, it's a hundred times bettah.

Oh, and... I met our BELOVED blogger Joe and his oldest daughter. I love Joe Bubbsie and his family. I'm hanging out with him again on Saturday night for the NOLA Fund Raiser. I tried to guilt Oldest Daughter (Not sure if she'd want her name mentioned. Girlie, I remember it) into coming Saturday night, too. She's as fabulous as Joe. What a parent he is. I hope I get to meet Ms. Bubbsie and youngest daughter, too. Joe writes like he talks-- he is so much fun to hang out with. Friends for life :)

I had a great time performing. What yas don't know, that I can now tell you is prior to last night, I had not been on a stage in over 2  years. Remember when I got sick, I became semi-reclusive. I would describe being on stage last night as feeling like my "coming out party". I had so much fun reading one of my essays (Shitvitation) from my book (Emotionally Pantsed). I met TheFemGeek (Twitter) and her co-producer Sawyer. Such delightful, lovely folks. They are the founders of The UnScene Chicago and I spent some time with them to do a little meet-and-greet-interview, which will be posted soon. I also chatted with them and it was SO MUCH FUN. They  are a riot and sooo easy to talk to. 

Tonight is the kick off cocktail party @ 8:30 PM at Matilda's Baby Atlas
Also, Messinger's famous Dollar Store Show at The Hideout

Again, thank you for all of your fabulous emails and comments. Yas are the shit and I adore the bones of you. Next week, I will hit all of your blogs that I missed this week. Oh, and PS, I have I an airport/turbulence yarn for you. OY TO THE FUCKIN VEY.

Do not forget to head over to Eebie's blog and wish that sweet, sweet, sweet boy a very happy birthday! 



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