Sunday, October 12, 2008

happy birthday

Guess what today is? Okay, I'll tell you, it is D-CUP's BIRTHDAY! That's right, our Diva D, author of the fabulous Politits and Unglued, one of our favorite bloggers in the universe and one of the greatest dames I have ever known is having a birthday TODAY.

Please click over and wish our DivaD a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

My darling, you are stunning, brilliant and the most fabulous dame around. I wish you a healthy, happy birthday.

Loving you,

Everyone Needs Self Help

I am, of course referring to the Self Help Center run by Romius. He recently celebrated his blogaversery and being the absentminded snatchola I am, I failed to post about it. Fortunately, Romius reminded me. Believe it or not, I'm glad he did.

Romius blogs the Self Help Center, The Karl Marx blog and Bathos for the Misanthropic. He's not creepy insane, he's funny, clever, unhinged insane.

He's the kind of person you can say anything to, like, I had this crazy nightmare last night that my landlord raped a turtle while watching the gardener masturbate and he wouldn't judge you. You could also say, I think I saw a three-way between a couple of horses while driving along the PCH, but I'm not sure and he'd engage you. Or, Do you think clipping fingernails in a kitchen sink is gross? I do. He'd give you a laundry list of pros and cons.

That is how Romius rolls, yo, extreme candor. No judgment.

He writes what's on his mind, regardless of whether it offends you, makes you uncomfortable or makes you think. All of that is moot, really. He certainly won't refrain from expounding on how he feels to suit you. These are the things I adore the most about him.

Romius, my dear, HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! I might not comment on your bloggy as much as I should, but I adore you and I enjoy seeing you in the blogosphere. You would be painfully missed if you ever stopped blogging, so DON'T.



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