Saturday, September 06, 2008

Katie Schwartz?

Once again it's time for keywords Katie Schwartz's blog is coming up on.

God forbid my blog come up on my name Katie Schwartz, God forbid.

Vintage Pussy - Again with the geriatric porn, oy.

Big Vagina's - If we're talking about Coco's cavernous taco, sure. Otherwise, not so much.

Palin - what? A fundamentalist incapable of running our country? Still believes abstinence education is the way to go? Won't talk to the media because she has nothing to speak about regarding policy? Palin is a cunterella? What? What? What?

All The Way From Oy To Vey - Awww. That is the name of my blog.

Banned from Craigslist - One of my posts years and years ago.

Dirty Ass - Not my tuchas. I wipe thoroughly and shower daily.

McCunt Pussy Eating Contest - McCunt ESSAY contest. Oy yoy yoy.

Christian Domestic Discipline - One post three years ago. For the love...

Craigslist Personal Asset Beauty - Huh?!

Bristol is the Mother of Trig - I do believe that so hard.

My Tits Weigh - 5 pounds each. I flopped em' on a scale when I was 16. I was curious.

Reasons to commit suicide - I don't remember writing a "To Do" list of this nature. Do you?

Through my window, I fucked - Who, dear readers, who?

All cunts and ass to fuck all women - Huh? How is this even possible?

America's no 1 barbie transsexual - Fab!

Oh, You Know

Yes, I know, I'm behind on blogging and reading all yer fabbylicious blogs. You're on today's "To Do" list. I had to go out of town unexpectedly for two-days. You know how it goes, children.

It is soo hot in Shlock Anj today and dry as a bone. A histamine diva's dream come true. Geez Louise.

I see lots of comments for my boy Travelingman Rick's hilarsquared essay McMunt's Idea of Health Care Reform and I'm very pleased about that. Remember, children, you have until Monday moreeen to vote, at which time I will be posting my girl PulpFriction's PSA.

While I was away, I received some kick ass essays that made me scream so hard, my abs got a genuWINE workout. I have a few spots left for October, so submit, submit, submit: essays, audio, video or cartoons. Vatever you wish, I will happily take.

I did not watch the rePUBEican convention. I was plenty nauseous and couldn't bear feeling more neesh than I already felt. I read the recaps, though.

Sarah Palin Accepting VP Nomination

This is entirely too funny not to pass on


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