Sunday, October 05, 2008

Best Wedding Invitation EVAH

I never post e-forwards. I had to post this, though. It was too hilar not to pass along...

Dish and That

Today's finds at our local vintage market were a steal! A 1930s lamp that works, for -- wait for it -- $10! I'm plotzing. Love it hard. The vinty Hull vase below, I scored for $5, that I'm selling on e-bay asssapy.

Sunday marks the last day to vote for Mister Mister's hilarsquared essay for October's McCunt essay contest. Tomorrow I'm posting a brand spankin' new essay from the one and only DrugMonkey. I have one more space left in October, so if anyone wants to enter, go for it! The winner will receive a dozen Bojamacakes from pastry chef Jintrinsique.

We had three more kick ass PoliQ entries from Rhchatlienblog, TellingSecrets and ColorSweetTooth (thank you, beautiful babies). I'll be posting recaps and links to their outstanding answers on Tuesday.

Off to catch up on my blog readin'. I've decided to Palinize my Palinabulary.


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