Friday, March 09, 2007

if I could eat anything...

I'd inhale an extra large cheese pizza with a macaroni and cheese back. followed by spinach dip with fresh-hot-sourdough-fuck-me-harder bread. for desert, I'd gorge myself on three strawberry ice cream bars covered in milk chocolate.

but, I won't be eating that now will I?! no, I won't. I'm bigger than the craving (literally and figuratively). if I want to keep looking like fattiestum and her twin sister esmerelda jean, I can eat until springer hoists a crane through my roof and forklifts me out.

fuck. fuck. mother fuck.

stop it!

who keeps breaking up with me? come on, spill it! one of you bitches keeps adding my blog and deleting me like a dawg. I don't have feelings? I'm chopped livah? is that what you think? it doesn't hurt to be point-blank-chopped?!

oh, I assure you, it burns-a-plenty. spill it NOW. I'm waiting. foot's tapping... arms are folded. so, I'm cliche. deal.


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