Tuesday, January 03, 2006

me and mr. blind

I was walking across the street this afternoon not paying attention because what’s the fun in that; when someone tripped me with a cane.

Yeah. A cane.

So I says, “HEY!”

Turns out he was blind.


To appease his guilt he asked me if I would have coffee with him.

To appease my guilt, I agreed.

There we sat at buckeys. Me and blind boy.

Me challenging his blindness by unbuttoning my blouse a little more. Ducking and weaving; knowing I was soooo close to calling his blind bluff.

Him complimenting my voice and intellect. Like that’s enough.

Hmm... I thought.

No mention of my mini-skirt, my 3 inch heels, my fabulous legs or long black tresses, and what about my ravenous brown eyes? What are they? Chopped liver!

I’m sorry but I just can’t date someone who is incapable of appreciating when I take time out of my day to give a jhush and make myself fuckable.


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