Friday, July 07, 2006

top 10 men's definitions of fat girl fun

1. the gratuitous walk-by-wink at fehatty so you can count her chins as she looks back hoping to steal another wink.

2. hot guys fuck fat chicks for karma points.

3. myth: fat girls have big vaginas. skinny girls have tiny vaginas. fact: you just have to dig deeper and wear appropriate head gear.

4. skinny girlfriends are never intimidated by your fat friend. even if you DO only let her blow you when you're severely drunk because you couldn't score thin-beav.

4. wide load. two ton tits. sphere on getaway sticks. these are not compliments.

5. fat girls are easy

6. fat girls swallow

7. fat girls aren't size queens

8. if you fuck a fat girl's sweaty jelly roll, she'll never know the difference because fat girls can't cum.

9. fat girl's are a man's best kept dirty little secret.


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