Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I am new to blogging. Question, what does a girl have to do to get comments around here? I have hit a lot of blogs with severely boring content, and they get comments. COME ON! Throw me a bone, even if it's hateful. I can take it. I sure as shit can dish it out, donchya know!

Is it the excessive use of exclamation points?

Don't blogs seem like self indulgent crap? To me they do. I feel so narcissistic with this Blog, you just don't know. And of course that sends me right into a guilt cul-de-sac that I couldn't possibly extricate myself from.

I think I'm going to flog Katie now.


I'll eat. I'll gorge my fat fuck self on fat-artery clogging foods.


I'll exercise.


So not in the mood.

What a day. This day sucked ass and it's not even over yet.

FOR THE Love OF Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhd!!


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