Sunday, November 26, 2006

that's it

we're done now.

quick hit

the reason why blogging is such great procrastination is because it's a shot of post. click publish and walaah there's your quick fix.

fun is done

back to work whorebag.
I'm talking to me.
I'm the whorebag.

tim mcgraw

tim mcgraw is very crotchy. have you noticed? cock ring? balls through the cock ring? he doesn't feel like he stuffs. could he be that well hung?

comment lesson o' the day

well, I can't post comments. you can. I can't. can you believe it? banished by blogger from commenting on my own blog. sigh. I'm a blue jew. if blogger wasn't owned by google, I would think it was a republican conspiracy for no particular reason.

potd. you want to fuck me twice? what if I can suck a bagel through an asian man's cock? what if I suck in bed and fuck like a dead fish? you still want a second go? don't forget to do your movie meemish. I know, I'm a pushy cuntsteinowitz. it's what we do.
mother hen. I haven't switched to beta blogger.
honey smack. thanks.
crionaberry. thanks for the test.

SOS SOS, comment challenged

my comments on my posts have been disabled and I have no idea why or how to fix it. help! toss me a pearl.

1: I have already enabled comments and republished the index and the blog.
2: I have removed comment moderation.
3: I'm a desperate whorebag. help!


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