Sunday, October 22, 2006

keywords katie's blog comes up on

icet and coco
pussy eating contest
vaginal bleaching
vaccum pussy
bionic jump passions
bleach spray cleaner
came in my mouth blog
junior high slow dance song
lindsey lohan
phobia of choking
submissive and pussy grooming
"unbuttoning my blouse" "spread my legs"
+1 jack 2006 email of zacharenko or dimitri operators in +370
blonde shiksa
blow jobs
bo duke sexy
boobie bible
farting is divine
hitler's bouviers
craigslist, san jose, services, neurotic
great breasts
jan crouch
loin lickers
loan & flange
pussy fingers
pussy vintage
nipple sucking obsession blog
ooh god i'm cumming
pecker tracks


Nicole Criona said...

that list is too hilarious - and what's with the dimitri one??? so weird dude.

Mountjoy said...

"loan & flange"?????

Now THAT's where I want to bank.

katie schwartz said...

crionaberry, isn't the dimitri one the strangest search you've ever seen? girl, I so don't get it.

katie schwartz said...


Ms Smack said...

haaaaaa hahaha Mountjoy. You're so nasty!! I love it!

I confess I came here looking for pussy grooming techniques. That was me. I knew that you'd have a minge that was well-kept and pristine.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Good gravy, that's a list that would make Larry Flynt do a double-take.

katie schwartz said...

miss smack, let's face it, there isn't a dame in town who can hold a candle to sweet honey's gorgeous beav and you know it!

katie schwartz said...

good gravy? wp, are you forlorn about the recent death of jane wyatt, father knows best mama?

Writeprocrastinator said...

"good gravy? wp, are you forlorn about the recent death of jane wyatt, father knows best mama?"

Gosh, no. Outside of a couple of scenes, I've never watched into "Father Knows Incest." I bailed out even during my pre-teen years, because he called his own daughter "kitten." I didn't know why that would creep my out back then, but it certainly doesn't sit well with me now.

Didn't Wyatt sell Minute Maid?

katie schwartz said...

wp, I'm rolling. howling. you are so funny.

for me, it was mister rogers. when I first watched him, I remember thinking, talk about diary of inapropriate relations with children! he was the epitome of molesteree.

creepy squared.


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