Sunday, September 17, 2006

lip smackin beav for days

thank you jcbc! this fabulous cavernous cunt clip is from the great carlucci! so fucking funny. turn up your sound... you will laugh your asses off.


yournamehere said...

That was pure hilarity. My love for you continues to grow.

katie schwartz said...

let's fall in love and NEVER get married? wanna?

yournamehere said...

Can we have sex? If so, I definitely want to not marry you.

katie schwartz said...


here are the types of sex I am available for:

1: dick sorbet (courtesy of an old friend, jm), friends that fuck.

2: relationship dick

3: monogamous dick sans rings.

yournamehere said...

I'm up for any of that, but I am kind of a relationship guy.

katie schwartz said...

that's so sweet, mullet boy. I bet when all the girls here that, they can't ask, "where do you want my ankles" fast enough?

I have something big planned for you. I read your post :)


yournamehere said...

Something big? If you fly to Louisville and swallow my sword, I can start worshipping you as my god.

katie schwartz said...


my cuntzins live in louisville. at present, and for the first time ever, I am fatter than they are. if you've truly got weight ahj, you know how we roll... I can't darken louisville's doorstep until I am thinner!

yournamehere said...

I can't believe you're using the old "My thinner cousins live in Louisville" excuse.

Anonymous said...

it looks smelly down there.... yikes that has gotta be uncomfortable. My last boss, we called her camel toes cuz her pants were always riding kinda high, how does one not feel that????

ummm thanks for my link!! freak and whore??????


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