Saturday, November 18, 2006

this week's keywords

katie schwartz :: good
vaginal bleeding :: just because a girl acknlowledges a menses here and there, doesn't make her a vaginal bleeding post centric ho. then again, according to my darling romius, "I get the red runs 16 times a month."
great breasts :: I'm sure they were shocked as hell to happen upon my massive waistlettes
hymen :: hymen?
katie :: even better
menstrual barbie :: now that's a menses search I can live with
born to fuck schwartz :: from the searcher's lips to god's ears
circumsized is best :: I never said that
clit removal :: I NEVER said that
curse words list :: I would get an a+++
fucking me so :: oh, how I do wish
I'm menstruating :: again with the menses
katie schwartz + jewish comedy :: who can argue with such a compliment?! news...
my panties are moist :: ok, but it's not like I'm incontinent
my tits weigh :: this is true. I've hoisted the twins on scales. they have weighed up to 10 lbers a pop
taught me how to suck :: again, can't argue with the truth. my bestie espy
torpedo tits :: sad. true.
vaccum pussy :: is that a modern day housewife?


Writeprocrastinator said...

I get eight misled people a day. Somehow a word from the top of the page in one post, gets combined with a word from another post at the bottom of the page, and someone's wasted seconds of their day.

Plus, they never stay or come back, sniff.

katie schwartz said...

they don't come back? fuck em'. those that do, have an unforgettable experience.

start posting your keywords.

ok, so that's pushy.

but, I'd like to see them!

so, do it.

please, wp?

Writeprocrastinator said...

I think keywords might not help, as it won't stop people from looking at the tangential words.


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