Saturday, November 18, 2006

not burning. banning burqas

did anyone happen to catch the dutch government's promised ban on burqas, article? I am always amazed by issues such as these and how quickly the conservative majority rallys in support of these government propositions. it's no different in our little american christian reich.

personally, I hate burqas. I find them horribly offensive and degrading to women. I hate the principles behind burqas. the whole thing just offends me to no end.

though I have difficulty conceptualizing this, I also do realize that some broads have big burqa pride.

the rationale behind the dutch government's decision is safety. so, included in the ban are face covering helmets and ski masks. all would not be permitted in a public venue.

no matter how you slice it, it's discrimination. it's an infringement on a person's civil liberties. it just is. period.

but, how do you protect a country without infringing on a person's unalienable rights? this is an ongoing dialogue I have with myself all the time. even when I am uncertain of the answer, I know without question that a violation of my freedom is never acceptable.

interesting. scary reads
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