Sunday, March 30, 2008

Purim Hangover...VideoJew visits Chabad Party

VideoJew's Road to Recovery, ha!


Fran said...

Queen fucking Ester, pass the hamentaschen!!! Holy crap that was funny.

I loved the guy who was dressed in his bicycling get up; the straps of his bike helmet looked like some sports-dude payess or something.

You know me, the catholisha who sees jewness in everything.

We have a chabad here in white bread goyishce suburb of Albany that I live in (I keep forgetting to tell you that I am not in Nyack anymore) - this is truly shaygitz central, except for like 3 reform slacker Jews.

But the chabad is there and they drive around in their 1988 plymouth minivan with a menorah on top like it is ordinary in these parts.

I call them the evangelical jews!


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