Friday, July 06, 2007

paris sure is making a difference in the world

paris hilton is dispensing pearls galore this week. I knew she was going to change the world. that paris sure is a supergal. check out her latest call to action to teens, tweens and weens. fuck poverty. fuck war. we've got the teen choice awards to vote for!
Teen Choice Awards 2007 Nomination
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Hope you all had a great holiday! Very exciting news…I have been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards ‘07, in the Female Reality/Variety category! The show is airing live Sunday, August 26th, 8pm/7pm CST. I would love for you to show your support by voting at the link below:

All my love,

she loves me. she really, really loves me. I feel that. do you?

pcunt also had a 4th of jewly message to all her fans. again with the contributions to society. ah, so giving. so charitable. so generous. so selfless.
Happy 4th of July!
Current mood: excited

Hey everyone! I'm back from my much needed vacation in Maui. It was so beautiful and relaxing. But its good to be home again. I just want to thank you all for your letters of love and support. I am doing my best to respond to each and every one with the letter I wrote--that message was for fans like you who have supported me through it all.I wanted to let you all know that I'm going to be updating my myspace and writing in more cause I haven't done it in awhile. The past month has inspired me to move forward with some exciting new projects, so I will keep you all posted. Happy 4th of July everyone, and remember to be responsible and have a designated driver! Just looking out for you all. I love you and have an amazing summer!


ps: I'm so glad she found someone to dig inside that cavernous, echoing beaver of hers and search for proof of life. I wonder if she found it... that one will haunt me forever.

ppss: what does it mean when paris says she's working?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

"Be careful Paris, that thing has teeth!"

Rhetorically Sterculian said...

"...cavernous, echoing beaver...."

"Our Friend The Beaver", The title of my Masters Thesis in Behavioural Zoology taught me many things. The most important:
Beavers do not like salt water or acidic enviroments.

Why sully the poor beaver? What have they ever done to you?

Beth said...

Damn. You were so close to loving me ... and then that cunt-digging whore had to come in and profess her love first.

Seriously, after the age of three, have you EVER dug sand (or crabs, or shedding herpes sores) out of your suit bottom in front of everyone?

Rhetorically Sterculian said...

Sand in the crack can strike at any age!
The removal of the silica based life form becomes again a public event when you reach 70.

Creepy said...

She actually believes she has 'fans'? Fans of what, her obnoxious behavior? Her racist outbursts? Surely it can't be of her talent, as to date there hasn't been any to find.

Al Sensu said...

o boy, i think she has somne candy in there for me.

Bubs said...

That salt water has got to be an astringent hell on those open crotch sores.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Yeah, that jpeg screams "Teen Choice Awards!"...but not Nicklodeon's. Try "Lil' Pork Puller's" instead.


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