Friday, July 06, 2007

oh to be a fundamentalist fuck

In case you were curious, the evangelicals, forbid men to wear women's clothing and women to wear men's clothing. I was shocked, too! I thought for sure these fundies would bend a little. not up the ass without lube a little, but enough to welcome a kilt and a glory hole. news?!

I could make this shit up... but. rewriting THE WORD is already the new black.


EditorJDC said...

I wouldn't mind a kilt, but not the gloryhole. Man, I wish I was more Scottish.


Joe said...

I gotta get me a kilt. Chicks dig a guy in a kilt.

Anonymous said...

The Fundies are rather vague in their defintions of gender specific attire though.
Be fair!

Anonymous said...

The NAZI-Pope has reinstated the Tridentine Mass!
No longer will the Papists have to chew gum that sticks to their dental work! AND we can expect the Christians to be all into trying to convert the heathen Kike again.
I wonder what the signing bonuses are now?

Beth said...

This chick LOVES men in kilts, Bubs. Even fundamental ones; I need a challenge.


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