Saturday, March 31, 2007

katie's been chopped

one of my favorite zealot christian blogs chopped me. I am so forlorn. as of this week, thursday to be exact, she made her blog by subscription only. no viewing for katie. I have to be invited. like that's gonna fuckin' happen.

sigh... such a blue jew


Creepy said...

Now look what you've made her resort to, you heathen bitch.

Joe said...

Evidently the bible quote should be changed to "not so many are called, after all, and even fewer chosen."

Writeprocrastinator said...

First, who wouldn't want you on the their blog roll? I know for a fact that LeeWee almost caved, but the E-van-jerk-als, had a full-on intervention. Complete with a Catholic priest with a cricket bat, that was going to give her an "exorcism," if she added you.

Second, then who offer the Jewish perspective?

Third, their loss. You would think that they would at least want to use you as a liberal scapegoat, ala' Bill O'Pile-ly.


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