Saturday, March 31, 2007

random shit

did you know there's a site called prison art? dedicated to procuring and selling art created by prizzy's.

what a lovely mural esther. who is the artist? he's a prisoner at attica serving life for murder. isn't he just so talented?
yes, I know, I need to get my supportive swirl on. working on it!

new topic

wp tagged me for a meemish and so did our favorite pharmacist the drug nazi. doing those today. check back because ya's have prally been tagged.

new topic

jesus was a shvatsah. celebrate it! I know it. you know it. we all know it. this whole caucasian interpretation thing is killin me. get with the program, people. location-location-location.


Creepy said...

Even though I'm white (and Jewish), I much prefer ethnic Jesus to white Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie -I found your blog! Ms Smack sent me... what shall I write?

Writeprocrastinator said...

What, Jesus doesn't look like Jeffrey Hunter in "King of Kings???"

Once again, the movies have lied to me.

I am so disillusioned...sigh


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