Thursday, February 08, 2007

food is not a lifestyle, katie

you know you have a problem with food when you wantonly open a cake box containing a mere sliver from the previous night. as you glance in lovingly, you greet the cake by saying, hi, sweet thing, how are you? how's it going? I missed you. thought a lot about you last night. did you think about me?

you penetrate the sliver of cake with your fork. feeling every layer plunging through. first the frosting. the cake. the filling. and more cake... mmmm. yeah. talk to me, baby.

you raise the fork to your welcoming mouth and engulf every morsel and finish it off with a final suck, so the frosting-filling-cake ratio is evenly dispersed.

I digress... food-is-not-NOT-a-lifestyle. but, apparently addiction is. go figure.


Evil Spock said...

Oh, there's worse things to be addicted too. Take blogging for example . . .

Anonymous said...

Okay - so if food isn't a lifestyle, can eating be a lifestyle? I need a lifestyle at which I excel. The whole mom/wife/working stiff thing is a blowing drag!

But eating? That's a winner for this chick.

Addiction is such a loaded word, don't ya think?

"jew" "girl" said...

good point, evil spock. good point. I am so behind on reading you. this weekend, I'm all over you like a football player to a virgin in a prom dress.

"jew" "girl" said...
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"jew" "girl" said...
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"jew" "girl" said...

yes, d-goddess, it is. you're right. it's riddled in drama, which appeals to my sensibility provided the addiction isn't a serious one.

but, if we're talking hardcore drug/alcohol addiction, it's very sad. what a struggle. how horrific that must be. oh, wait, I know about that, my sm. duh, schwartzy.

eating could be a lifestyle. in fact it is! look at all of those pro eaters who we see in annual contests. they eat for a living. not a bad gig.


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