Thursday, February 08, 2007

anna nicole smith dead

not that anyone gives a shit what I think, but I do wonder if anna was whacked by the husband for the inheritance. isn't it all just too convenient and coincidental?

oh, I do so love a good conspiracy theory, especially if it's dripping in overly dramatic possibilities.

still, it's a sad thing this broad peeled. regardless of what you think of her, she had a hard life and now she's dead. or as the krazy kristians (cp-ism) say, she's home with her maker.

side note... is that where homemaker comes from?


Joe said...

You want creepy conspiracies? Get a load of this--I heard 3 different people say yesterday that Anna Nicole's downward spiral, along with her son's death, were all related to the paternity battle. Basically, Daniel fathered the child with his mom.

A family of drug addled white trash, with lots of money. Take a look at some of those pictures of her squeezing young Daniel to her bosom.

I'm just sayin'.

Katie Schwartz said...

oh, bubs, THAT IS A FUCKING BRILLIANT conspiracy theory. loving you hard right now. perfect!!!!


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