Saturday, January 27, 2007

cruising for jesus

yes, you too can cruise for jesus. it shouldn't come as a shock. after all, you can now be the proud owner of a bobble head jesus', space jesus, jesus robot, jesus and friends toys for tots, jesus pencil toppers, jesus dress up dolls, complete with a cross hangin' j. so, why not cruise with the man?

my god (no pun intended), jesus has more chach than any salvation army I've ever been to!

today, I hit my beloved blair's journal and low and behold, guess what I found out? she's on a christian cruise!

The K-Love Friends and Family cruise. Premiere Christian Cruises puts this all together and they are the same people who will also be putting together the Music Boat cruise to Jamaica in April of this year. But that’s not all, my best friend in the whole wide world,, was to be speaking on the cruise so I would also get to spend time with, which is too rare since and live in different states and both have crazy busy lives.

And, yes, the whole thing is an inside joke with her manager, David, but I am sincere about you clicking on the link and joining her mailing list.

k-love, in case you were wondering, features all your favorite christian contemporary singers under one roof for a whole fucking week. well, sign me up and slit my wrists with a super sharp knife.

I think from now on, I'm going to refer to all of my bff's in the whole wide world as .com's.


Evil Spock said...

Ah, Evil Spock's favorite fictional pragmatist, Hank Hill, once said about Christian Rock:

"You're not making Jesus better, you're making rock n' roll worse!"

Amy Guth said...

I once saw a catalog selling "Happy Birthday, Jesus" slap bracelets. Slap bracelets, for crying out loud. Oh, do I regret not buying them and starting another ironic trend. Wait, no I don't. Nevermind.

Dale said...

Katie, you and Blair are my fave! Don't ever change.

Mountjoy said...

I think LeeWee needs to have a nice long cruise on the P&O line here in sunny Australia. Not content with having a 40+ year old divorcee die (allegedly) from an overdose of GBH following some dubious sexual advances from sleezy predators on one of their cruises, this week a 16 year old has stepped up and cried rape on another of their "fun-ships". You dont see Cathy-Lee offering THAT on Carnival now, do you?


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