Saturday, January 27, 2007

and now for.... fartkisaf

fartkisaf: friday's fears and reminder that katie is a freak.... but on saturdays.

1. rejection. waiting. waiting for rejection.

2. I won't make my 2/1 rejection deadline. see where my head is at? the shame...

3. my slumlord won't let me move downstairs without a new deposit, rent increase and a new lease. I really need to make this move asap because of haglette's arthritis. stairs are an ish. otherwise, kid's doing great.
4. rejection yet again.

5. overall anxiousness because I've been cataloguing my rolodex of fears for fun!

6. really strange ass dreams. some deathy. some super random and deathy.
7. new tires, new brakes, a tune-up and new windshield wipers. if I don't get it done this week, I'm worried my back tires will expode.

that concludes this week's fears. sorta


Anonymous said...

Darling girl. Rejection? I can't imagine.

I've just the thing for tonight. Oh, there'll be shame tomorrow, but for tonight it's just the thing.

Neopolitan ice cream and Hyacinth Bucket (it's Bou-quet!). Followed by Are You Being Served, As Time Goes By, Waiting for God, Last of the Summer Wine and The Vicar of Dibley.

Could there be more shame?

Now the question is - do I really sass it up with alcohol and clove cigarettes or do I keep it clean and eat chocolate chip cookies until I'm sick?

Hoping to ease your shame by displaying mine in full view.

Your pal.


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