Friday, December 01, 2006

world aids day, a little knowledge won't kill ya

Support World AIDS Day

get tested. be smart. wear a condom. swallow familiar cum
my beloved queenies, please pay attention and stop with the bug chasing
who is getting this meshugena disease? don't be a schmuck. review. world. usa.



Anonymous said...

Amen to that. I havent read much about the stats on AIDS lately. Is the world learning?

katie schwartz said...

yes and no. the younger generations haven't a clue. they're sorely misguided. I think it really depends on who you talk to.

recently I was dishing with some middle class white kids who didn't think they could contract hiv/aids or any std as long as they slept with middle class and upper middle class white kids.

I have read many articles about gay and straight people who treat the cocktails as a cure and feel that it's so easy to manage that it's no longer a big deal.

more education and more awareness is needed. I have friends on the cocktails and the side effects can be terrifying and crippling.

it's all very disheartening and sad, isn't it?


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