Tuesday, October 31, 2006

congratulations to hell!

mazel tov to, Editorials from Hell's leading daily newspaper, the brimstone daily pitchfork. 4,000 uniques a day and growing!!!

it's a proud, proud day when you've got hits from halliburton and hate mail from right wing fascists. left wing lovers and readers who can't get enough of your ass.

the articles are fuck off amazing and hell's journalists are fearless, brilliant writers. run. read. NOW. go to hell.


Fredrick Schwartz said...

Your High Cuntiness,
You are way too fucking kind. Our heads are swelling like John Holmes at a girl's basketball game, but I digress. Keep up the good work up there and we'll keep up our efforts on your behalf here in Hell.

And btw what the fuck happened to Studio 60??? That seemed like such a worthy product and they killed it like a child born with just a brain stem!!!


katie schwartz said...

you're fab, schwartzy!


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