Sunday, September 24, 2006

random nonsense

my blog came up on some of the most curious and fabulous keywords this week:

bobbie applegate -> I looked him up. he makes more money than god playing catch and he's not fucking me, so what gives?

coco -> I did write about coco and ice-t, but I would think that chanel would come up way before fehatty's blog

guess who's cumming -> guess who's coming to dinner is one of my favorite movies. I wouldn't deface it. ok, that's a lie, but I didn't!

guthagogo -> this is just fabulous! the great, amy guth and author of, three fallen women!

katie cleavage -> I'm not showin' ya's my tits, so build a bridge and get over it. this is the gazillionth time it's come up. that's a big no. I love my boobsicles, but they ain't gettin' published on my blog.

katie schwartz -> search engines do really work!

my aunt plays with my cock all the time -> ok, you sick fuck. incest is a boundary. I'm so forlorn that my blog is coming up on an incest fantasy. oh, this jew is so blue.

yoplait crushed beetles -> good! I posted about an email response they sent, and the email they deleted!


Al Sensu said...

I'll wait for your cleavage 4ever.

yournamehere said...

I got here by searching "Chicks I want to sleep with"


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