Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ice-t and coco

nothing says love like two hot beverages.

I love ice-t. I think he's amazingly talented. that, and he's fearless.

on that note, let's get cunty, shall we?!

when I look at this picture and every other ice-t and coco image online, like, coco's cavernous taco, or coco's fishnet dress, or ice claiming ownership of coco's beav, as a JUST IN CASE. or coco and ice-t in matching pink ensembles, I think to myself, when does coco get time to menstruate? when I'm on the rag, you won't catch me in a flange outlined ass hugging pair of shorts or going braless. my nipples would be on fire in any one of the net mock-tops coco sports.

t doesn't feel like he fucks a menstruating dame either, so you'd probably have to take that once a quarter menstrual shot to be his ho.

when does coco get down time... you know, away from ice's cock. does she ever have the luxury of eating or not being perfectly groomed every fucking minute of every day?! in a way, coco's taking a hit for the team. we should thank her. I mean, shit, if ice liked chubby jewgirls with low hangin' knockers in frumpy clothes, well, I'd be all over his lipton flesh bat takin' a hit for the team too!


n.v. said...

I'm not sure what a lipton flesh bat is, but I cackled out loud anyway. Jewgirl with low hangin' knockers was hilar, too.

katie schwartz said...


lipton flesh bat. lemme break it down. lipton is a brand of tea. I think you can get it in canada. flesh bat would be cock. it's a lame ass, queer ass way of saying ice-t's cock another way.

as you can see the joke is now dead.


n.v. said...

LOL! Holy shit, that's hilarious. I totally get it now. In fact, I don't know how I didn't get it.

Yes, Lipton is available in Canadaland. I drink it.

katie schwartz said...



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