Friday, June 23, 2006

fuck my nose!

I woke up an hour ago sneezing and I haven't fucking cock sucking stopped! I've taken 4 antihistamines and what am I doing? sneezing.

worse. not 10 minutes ago, my neighbor poked her head out the window and said, "can you please stop. I can't sleep!"

can I stop? um, let's see... I'll get right on that. can I stop? I'm having so much fun sneezing in 3 second intervals and blowing my nose every 1 second, that I am praying to jesus right now to see if he can make me sneeze like this AWWL THE FUCKING TIME.

I was/am so pissed, I screamed, you miserable cunt, if I could control this fucking allergy attack don't you think I would? I would love nothing more than to rip my sinuses out and shove em' down your stupid, vile throat.


Rick said...

To bad you didn't have the shit, man. Crosshair your hole right into the twat's window and - PHFRAFTTT!!!


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