Friday, June 23, 2006

blake hardin, another katie schwartz

blake hardin on 8:05 PM
im new ot this website and i dont know if you can leave just a general comment about a person and not just one post, so i just came here. anyway, wow. fucking wow. i am totally blown away, not only do you have the EXACT same name as my girlfriend, you seem to act exaclty like her too. this is weird. but wow, you are fucking amazing

so, ya gonna ask ya girl to email me? there just aren't enough katie schwartz's in the world. is she a jewgirl too? spill, child, spill!

and thank you for the kind remarks... she must suck a mean cock ;0


Doc said...

Find out if this Blake Hardin is the same spoiled little prick who used to live in West Linn Oregon, had a nanny I fucked for a year, and parents who were ace high rip off artists. Just curious, since he has exactly the same name. Should be about 22 or 23.

blake hardin said...

hey katie, thanks for posting my comment. let's see here, she cant email you, sorry, she has no computer. no, she isn't a jewgirl, but other than that, she does seem to be a lot like you. in response to your last statement, yes, yes she does. and in response to doc's comment, no i don't live in west linn, orgeon, and i never have, im from eastern MO. but if you ever find this other blake hardin, let me know, id love to beat the little fucker for ruining my name. anyway, one last time katie: wow. this website is great.

Katie Schwartz said...

My name is Katie Schwartz too! Full name is Kathryn, but close enough! I am from St. Louis, MO, but I am not Blake Hardin's girlfriend. Weird! My sister has called me TaterTot for years, so when I saw your nickname I knew I had to post something. Just thought I would let you know there is another Katie Schwartz in the world.


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