Friday, June 23, 2006

top 5 reasons to own a dog

1. no matter how many lies you tell dogs, they always believe you.
2. dog farts outrank yours in depth and quality of stench
3. if you're a white girl and you own a beige or black dog, you're an integrated family
4. you can say, "hey, quit bein' a prick, you cocksucker," and they don't get mad
5. if you're a straight girl, I suggest you buy a boy dog, it's one relationship you can't fuck up


Write Procrastinator said...

Nobody owns Louie, he just lets you walk and feed in between his calls to action ; )

Stegbeetle said...

Dogs love you unconditionally, all the time. Cats tolerate you as long as you feed them something they like, unless they're in a bad mood in which case you're screwed.

Living with a dog is like living with a friend who's up for anything you are, anytime. Living with a cat is a little like living with a teenage girl, given the amount of dirty looks, drama-queen antics, attitude and "flouncing around" you get.


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