Monday, March 20, 2006

nice with a clause?!

so, when I was taking louie to camp last week, I had a bag of his supplements, meds, his rope and a dozen cans of tuna and chicken. wellllll.... like an idiot, I left the bag on the top of the car. when I realized I had done this, retracing our steps made little difference because it was long gone.

I was super blue. it was $200 worth of hellnine supplies.

today I got a phone call from my vet saying that a doctor on wilshire had my bag. I was so excited, I called them asap.

sandy said, "finally. we've been trying to call you for days. we've got the bag. in fact, you must've lost it just moments before I found it. come on up."

I'm a jew. we don't do empty handed as gratitude. we bring food. I picked up a dozen gourmet chocolate chip cookies and showed up with a basket to claim louie's stuff.

I showed them a picture of louie. thanked them profusely and we exchanged the goods.


as I got into the elevator, I noticed the bag felt lighter then it should, so I opened it.

they boosted my dog's tuna and chicken; and 80% of his bottle of supplements.

are you fucking kidding me?

my friend, nicole, said I should've gone back and claimed half the dozen of the cookies. she was right. I shoulda, but that's not what a lady does.

so, I just cursed them out, but thanked them at the same time.

still, what an odd thing to do, no?!




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