Monday, March 20, 2006

FCC's Martin: Proposed fines 'appropriate' WASHINGTON --

the god damned shame of the fcc! pay attention! censorship abounds.

March 18, 2006

FCC chairman Kevin Martin defended his agency's decision last week to fine broadcast companies nearly $4 million for airing indecent programming. "Whenever the commission is trying to determine what is appropriate and inappropriate, there's inherently lines that end up being drawn," FCC chairman Kevin Martin said during a news conference Friday. "And all of that ends up involving the context of the way particular words are used or not used. This debate is not new. The FCC's original indecency decisions, that were upheld by the Supreme Court, it was George Carlin's monologue ('Filthy Words'). I think the commission is going to continue to provide guidance consistent with our precedent on this and how those words are appropriate or inappropriate." Martin dismissed criticisms that the commission drew too fine a line when it ruled that someone could be fined for saying versions of the word "shit" during a TV or radio program but not versions of the word "dick."



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