Monday, October 20, 2008


Some people love a paraaaahd. Me, I love a surprise.

This is a surprise that will make all McCunt essay cuntestants very happy, I think. I hope. Wait, was that too flat? Let me jhush that sentence up.

All McCunt essay cuntestants from October and September are getting a second chance to WIN a dozen Bojamacakes. Are you plotzing? Me, too.

Miss Frannylish, September's cuntest winner is living proof of how fabulous Jintrinsique's cupcakes are. Just ask her.

Here's the dish:

1) Starting today, Monday, October 20th, you have one more week to vote for each of October's essays. Leave your votes in comments, please. The winner will receive one dozen Bojamacakes.

For Katie Schwartz: 3 Cunts and 3 New Words and a Curious Insight Into the Kind of Woman that May Trip John McCain's Trigger, written by Fredrick Schwartz of Hell's Leading Newspaper The Dis Brimstone.

If you Listen Closely as you Read This, You can Hear me Reaching Hard to Create Three, I May Have Turn a Rotar Cuff, written by DrugMonkey of your Pharmacist May Hate You

500 Cunterific Words from the One The Only Mr. Mxyzptlk, written by Mister Mister of Earth Observation.

I'm not finished yet. WAIT.

2) Beginning Monday, October 27th, you will have one week to vote for September's essays (except Frannygirl's because she won), written by Travelingman Rick, PulpFriction and JDC. The winner will also receive one dozen Bojamacakes.

Fab enough fah ya?!

Good luck everyone! You all kick mothah fuckin' ass. Every single entry rocked my world.


Anonymous said...


The DrugMonkey can't even promote his entry into the cuntest! He's in Ohioland! He has no internet!

Anonymous said...

I'm a total cunt. Now can I have a cupcake?

Unknown said...

I like cunts so I should totally get a cupcake.


jin said...

I totally forgot what I was going to say...
laughing too hard @ dcup & john!

Anonymous said...

Don't I have to register as a cunt to vote on this cunt-errific essays? Jeez, I sound like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. They're all cunt-errific if you ask me.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

The Representative From Arreglamiento San Francisco, Ubicacion Obarrio, CdP, RdP has the floor...and casts his vote for his good friend SER FREDRICK SCHWARTZ's "3 cunts...."

He'll extend his remarks to cast an imaginary USA general election vote for Cynthia McKinney (Green). Furthermore, he has decided not to run if Mr Danger 2 (Colin Powell) and Mr Danger 2B (Barack Obama) take a run at any part of Andinolandia. He will resist.

Vete al carajo, Colin Powell cobarde de mierda!

Unknown said...

Tigger liked cunts? No wonder he was bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!


Anonymous said...

Pardon my off topicism here but I swiped your use of the "pantsed" phrase on a recent post where the McCampaign actually had its minute to be the good guys. Fear not they're back to being duplicitous racist lying shitheads again but they said it was rather novel to go the other way for a few...

forgive the shameless self promo please

Anonymous said...


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All the best,


Anonymous said...

Do not tease us with more cupcakes!
I'm still pissed that I only won Miss Congeniality, while my buddy Franiam was busily chowing down on my fucking cuntcakes!

Randal Graves said...

I like cunts, so can I have a cake?

Unknown said...

Karen likes cunt too, so I'll share my cupcake with her.


earlbo said...

McCain wants some cupcakes too

Yes, indeed, my fellow prisoners, rates were cunt in the Bush ears!

Maybe that's because he's a d*ck? (Do not insert U)


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