Saturday, September 06, 2008

Katie Schwartz?

Once again it's time for keywords Katie Schwartz's blog is coming up on.

God forbid my blog come up on my name Katie Schwartz, God forbid.

Vintage Pussy - Again with the geriatric porn, oy.

Big Vagina's - If we're talking about Coco's cavernous taco, sure. Otherwise, not so much.

Palin - what? A fundamentalist incapable of running our country? Still believes abstinence education is the way to go? Won't talk to the media because she has nothing to speak about regarding policy? Palin is a cunterella? What? What? What?

All The Way From Oy To Vey - Awww. That is the name of my blog.

Banned from Craigslist - One of my posts years and years ago.

Dirty Ass - Not my tuchas. I wipe thoroughly and shower daily.

McCunt Pussy Eating Contest - McCunt ESSAY contest. Oy yoy yoy.

Christian Domestic Discipline - One post three years ago. For the love...

Craigslist Personal Asset Beauty - Huh?!

Bristol is the Mother of Trig - I do believe that so hard.

My Tits Weigh - 5 pounds each. I flopped em' on a scale when I was 16. I was curious.

Reasons to commit suicide - I don't remember writing a "To Do" list of this nature. Do you?

Through my window, I fucked - Who, dear readers, who?

All cunts and ass to fuck all women - Huh? How is this even possible?

America's no 1 barbie transsexual - Fab!


Cormac Brown said...

"All cunts and ass to fuck all women - Huh? How is this even possible?"

Dang, if that doesn't sound like the mixed-up swearings of this Jordanian grocer, whose store I went to on occasion.

Distributorcap said...

i always wondered about barbie being a transsexual - mitt does have some feminine mannerisms

Christopher said...

You were banned from Craig's List?

FOFLMAO! Props, that's da' bomb!

I've been banned from a few of the pajamas media blogs (Little Green Assholes and InstaPundit) cuz' those straight male, rightwing azzwipes can't handle a fact-spewing faggot with attitude.

Anonymous said...

I think you've inspired me to go put my scale on the counter and weigh my tits.

I'm guessing 40 pounds....*snort*.

Katie Schwartz said...

Cormac, HA. So funny.

Katie Schwartz said...

Ha, D-Cap. Mitt needed a facelift and a makeover. I think transsexual Barbie does her justice.

Katie Schwartz said...

Christopher, I cannot believe those sites banned you. Sitting shiva for them now-- the crates are out. Bunch'a bitches, I tell ya.

Indeed. A post was flagged and C-list banned it, though I tried to fight it. I was furious at the time and blogged it to death. God forbid I shut my piehole for five-minutes.

Katie Schwartz said...

Hillygirl, My cupcake queen, Your titskas do not weigh 40 pounds.

Ma'dear, you are a stunning, sexy broad with a great rack and ya damn well know it :)

Freida Bee said...

Christian Domestic Discipline sounds kinda kinky.

This had me laughin' hard, laaady.

I will never get away from the searches for Hall and Oates and Slutty Moms.

Christopher said...

You folks got me to thinking.

I think I'll flop my nut sack on a scale to see how much the boys weigh.

Suddenly I'm becoming obsessed.

Does that make me a bad person???

Katie Schwartz said...

Hall and Oates and slutty moms? Oh, FreidaBee that is funny.

Doesn't CDD sound kinky? I think so, too.

Katie Schwartz said...

Christopher, not at all (wise ass). The twins must be delicious in weight, I'm sure. Do spill after you've weighed-in.


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