Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Twist Tie Guy

Ages and ages and aggggggggggges ago, I posted about the secret life of twist-ties. Remember? You don't? Okay, check it out here. I was OCD'ng hard about TT's at the time (what else is new?!)

I got a comment a few weeks ago regarding that post from RyanD. I saved it, hoping there was an e-addy attached, but there wasn't. However, I did look him up and he's a Twist-tie artist and sculptor and his work is pretty tt-fly. Check it out, yo.


Joe said...

Baby I share your fascination with twist ties! They are fantastic, second only to ziploc bags and maybe empty Altoid tins.

When we're backpacking or canoeing and we're cleaning up the campsite before we leave (including stuff left by others before us) we always find at least a few twist ties left behind.


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