Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Shuf it Baby

Loverdeedo's, Jewgirl is about to hook yo' asses up! While I do love a fabulous heel, when it comes to comfort shoes, I am no joke. I give you Shuf's. Sure, they're a little hempy. I will have you know these unisex slip-on's will give your feet pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. I'm not kidding. I schlep everywhere in these babies and so will you. Oh, and, they're on sale from 80 duckets to $14. Please. Does it get any better? Run like a dawg and buy a pair. They come in red, brown, grey and beige. I have grey and brown (like we give a shit, Schwartz). PS: Make sure you get them a half size smaller than your foot size because they run big. I'm just sayin'.


Fran said...

I am in - frankly sex shit aside, I am so a sensible-shoe bitch.

Srsly! I never met a pair of Merrells that I didn't like.

You've got me on LA stories after that Rooney post above...

When I moved to LA in 1998 I had a pair of Via Spiga shoes that I got for $20 and they were originally $125. Living in NY where shoe repair shops were a dime a dozen was great. I kept those shoes in tiptop shape... New heels, soles, shines. Poy-fekt!

Moving to LA meant walking less but I still need to get them fixed up. I found this really cool black dude who had a shoe place, right near the corner of Westwood and Pico. There is a restaurant there - I can't recall the name worth shit. It was dinery- breakfasty.

Why am I going on like this tonight? I must have taken a weird drug!


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