Saturday, February 16, 2008

Keywords Katie's Blog is Coming up on

Look! Barbie has a vadge--finally.

I checked my keywords this morning for the past week and fell out, yo. Some of these phrases are a riot.

  1. katie schwartz - um, duh.
  2. coco - an honor as always.
  3. "greetings from george and laura's bush" - and OH what a bush it is.
  4. coco's vagina - okay, so I have a lot to say on the matter, but so does she.
  5. menstruation - beautiful.
  6. all the way from oy to vey - oh, goodie. Goodie?! Who am I?
  7. big vagina lips - I prefer meaty.
  8. coco camel toe - I digress.
  9. in side a vagina - "in side" is one word "inside"
  10. jamie spears knocked - UP, sweetie, SHE'S KNOCKED UP
  11. jews vulva - I wear them proudly.
  12. small vulva fucking - and your point is?
  13. thai girls video blogspot.comvulva - this is my favey because it's so whaaaaa?!


Joe said...

I love this! It's always fun to ponder the vagaries of internet searching, and how they lead to you...

Creepy said...

Speaking of, I just saw Coco's vadge in the latest issue of 'Playboy'. It's not quite the same without clothing tightly pressed up against it.


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