Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Fake Baby

"The following three videos describe the very real phenomenon of women and couples buying fake babies called 'Re-Borns.' These 'Re-Born' dolls are oftentimes taken as emotional and physical substitutes for actual infants. This trend has been documented in Britain as well as the U.S. This is their story. Living Dolls : Explore the extraordinary lives of women who buy hand-crafted life-like dolls called 'Re-Borns'. Treated as real infants and costing hundreds of dollars these 'human' babies cry, squirm and are the objects of intense affection by their 'mothers'. Loved like real babies, they're taken for walks, bathed and even have their diapers changed."

glumbert - My Fake Baby

The fuck is wrong wit people, huh?! You have to watch the entire video. If you love me, if I mean anything to you at all, you will. However, for those with a weak stomach, please visit this off the hook creepy ass website called... Re-Borns.

This is such a Bubs post, isn't it?! Bubs, you should cross post.


bizQuirk said...

This frightens me, Kate. All comedy aside, I am disturbed by this on many, many levels.

1) It is a distortion of mourning over inability to conceive, and / or the tragic loss of a child. A crutch that interferes with proper catharsis.

2) a distraction from the proper altruistic motives that might lead to adoption or other good acts, such as foster programs.

3) it is a symptom of the 'placebo culture', i.e., people walking around everywhere with ear buds in, not ever knowing their environment - being cut off. The fake baby is an ipod for barren couples.

EditorJDC said...

This is as bad as the real doll documentary on BBCAmerica recently. HOLY SHIT!

On a side note...
This sounds like a great horror movie and I can't wait for it to open!


EditorJDC said...

Holy shit I looked at the page on painting the baby and I hate you now - HATE YOU NOW. I have to sleep at some point damn it.

I thought the manufacturing pictures of spread legged real dolls was horrifying, but I was oh so very wrong.



Nicky said...

I have a weird mix of feelings on this. While I would never deny that this is a fucking crazy way to spend your time, pushing around a doll in a pram as a grown woman (and posing in a damn picture at the aquarium with it, no less!), there's another side to this. The woman at the end of the clip admitted she would be a bad mother. So isn't it preferable that she realizes this and then makes the correct choice NOT to procreate but instead get this creepy doll? Obviously, for those women seeking to "replace" a child who has passed away or one that was never able to be conceived, this is just badness waiting to happen. But if getting a doll means a potentially lousy parent gets to "play mommy" without actually bringing an innocent child into things, then I'm kind of for that.

Romius T. said...

I just watched this video the other day, and almost posted it myself, funny how we have the same taste and we almost find the same things at the same time!!!!

EditorJDC said...

I used to own one of those hand puppet babies they sold during the 80s. I would cradle it when I was the passenger in a car catching the eye of the driver next to us. After a light or two I would drop it and frantically scramble for the baby on the floor.
I would also have it jump up and attack my face while I screamed and dropped out of sight.

Man, my mom hated driving me anywhere.



Joe said...

Welcome to Creepyville, population...growing by one fake latex newborn at a time.

I'll get right on it.

For some reason this strikes me as even profoundly more sad and creepy than those "real doll" sex freaks. Why is that?

Bacon Lady said...

It would be way more realistic if it had an alarm clock that went off every 45 minutes all night and a poop spray mechanism that went off without warning.

Fran said...


Sheeeee -it!

This is really creepy at so many levels. I am in agreement with Bizquirk. Wow. I actually feel ill from looking at that and I couldn't even get the vid to work, I just looked at the website.

Coaster Punchman said...

I watched the whole video and kept waiting for the punchline. It seemed like a sketch on one of those clever Britcoms, but no; these people are real. I'm not sure if I am creeped out or just confused. But I did have the same reaction as Nicky when the woman was talking about how she couldn't deal with a real kid - I'm like yes, good, please continue playing with your dollies.

But I'm sorry, I think that pushing a doll around in a pram in public as a grown woman is just weird. But whatevs. As long as you're not hurting anyone I don't care how you spend your time.

Madam Z said...

Okay Katie, I watched it all the way through, just to prove my love for you. But now I have to go throw up.

Dale said...

The only person who should have one of these (and does) is John Waters. He talks about it in This Filthy World. Fucking awesomely creepy.


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